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Most leak repairs that we do can be handled the same day as our leak detection depending on what’s needed.


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Our technicians are available to prepare a seller’s pool for inspection before the homesale.

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Swimming pool leaks typically come to light when a homeowner sees the level of their pool water dropping faster than usual. This isn’t at all uncommon. There are a multitude of reasons as to why pools lose water, and it isn’t always a leak.

Sometimes equipment is malfunctioning. A bad check valve can cause a pool to run constantly, or not at all. A broken auto-fill valve can let a pool fill constantly, but sometimes it’s truly a leak in your pool system.

Pools can leak from inside the pool shell. The bond beam of a pool can have a cold joint separation and water can be escaping from behind the tiles. A drain could have a bad seal, or a crack in the skimmer could be causing water to make its way out of the pool. Some pools crack, and those structural cracks cause water to leak out, often rapidly, sometimes just a slow drain over the course of days before it gets noticed. 

Regardless of how the pool is losing water, a proper pool leak detection will find those leaks accurately and a contractor can make repairs to stop that leaking forever.

If pipes run under concrete, or landscaping – if multiple skimmers, drains or return fittings are causing questions or even if the spa is dropping its level – we utilize our specialized equipment to let you know the origin of the leak.


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Using The Bucket Test Method To Confirm Pool Leaks

If you’re noticing you pool level is dropping at a rapid rate it may be time to do a pool leak test. What’s too much water loss? Well, if you’re noticing a drop in pool level that is close to or greater than ¼ inch in 24 hours and we’re not in the midst of one of our infamous heat waves it’s most likely time to stop procrastinating and call custom leak detection at (727) 940-9022.

  1. Have your pool filled to its standard level. Using a 5 gallon bucket, fill it 1 inch from the top with pool water. Homeowners also need to check if they have an auto-fill device and turn it off.
  2. Immerse the bucket in the pool to about 5 inches. Setting it on the first or second step of your pool should suffice.
  3. Mark the water level inside the bucket and the water level outside the bucket.
  4. Come back in 24 hours to compare the inside water level to the outside water level. If the water level outside the bucket has dropped more than the water level inside the bucket, you likely have a pool leak and need to call a professional.

Make a note to check the bucket at exactly the 24 hour mark, as waiting longer than this can give inaccurate results. If it rains you will have to wait and start over when there is a clear forecast. After the test, use our pool water loss calculator to find out how much water is being lost to the leak.

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Some Other Common Questions…

You paid a lot of money for your pool, spa or fountain, and dealing with a leak is an unnecessary expense you shouldn’t have to prolong. At Custom Pool Leak Repairs, we thoroughly inspect pools, spas, and fountains for leaks so you don’t have to worry about them anylonger.

No, most common repairs can be done without having the pool and/or spa drained, unless there is a major repair within the pool, and ALL leak detections require that the pool be filled to the middle of the skimmer to ensure the accuracy of the leak detection.
Typically a full leak detection can take anywhere from 1-3 hours.
A technician will pin-point the exact location of the leak and a written estimate will be sent out to you.
We need you to have the pool filled to the middle of the skimmer or tile line before a technician comes out on the day of your appointment to ensure the detection covers all areas of the pool. Also, be sure your pool is clean enough for a technician to dive in, if necessary.

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